Vinyl Siding on House

A lifetime of performance, beauty and low maintenance . . . that's what homeowners can expect when siding their homes with vinyl siding. Easy to clean, tough exterior resists wind and weather. Insulation adds energy efficiency to your home.

Siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles, even brick! Your sure to find something you like.

Charter Oak


Nailite Siding

Siding Insulation

Many of our vinyl siding products are fused to a foam backing material, to create an all-in-one siding and insulation system. It's energy efficient and highly impact resistant with solid support behind the entire siding surface. By adding an additional foam insulation layer, the R-values of exterior walls are increased by R-2.9 to 3.5 depending on the profile, helping to save on heating and cooling costs.

The foam is made from environmentally friendly polystyrene, which has thermal expansion properties nearly identical to vinyl siding, and moderate vapor permeability to allow the siding to breathe. Unlike conventional siding, the foam offers protection against dents and other impact damage, allowing the siding to remain aesthetically pleasing, functional, and lasting. The system provides the thermal insulation benefits of foam sheathing in a format that enhances the appearance and performance of vinyl siding, including sound control properties.

Shakes and Scallops

You have a picture in your mind of how your home should look -- Victorian charm, country sophistication, sleek contemporary. Vytec can help bring that picture to life with a full line of specialty siding products designed to give your home's exterior a new look and feel.

Vytek Shakes look Authentic. They are patterned from real cedar shingles and shakes with realistic wood grain detail. With less than 3 repeats in a 1 square box, there is no visible repeat pattern on the wall. And, they are available in an ever-expanding line of new and traditional colors.

  • Received the ASTM's Certificate of Conformance. 
  • Awarded the ASTM E84 Class 1 (A) fire rating, the highest possible standard. 
  • Made of self-extinguishing PVC, which means they won't ignite when exposed to flame.
Board and Batton Swatches

Recreate the rustic look that defines country and seaside cottages with Board & Batten siding. Its classic design features vertical panels that overlap with a distinctive ridged edge. Choose Board & Batten to create a unique look for the entire house, or as an accent for your home's interesting architectural features and materials.

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